We provide our services in hourly, daily, and weekly rates. In the recent years our crane services have been focused on the oil and gas industry but we are not limited to this single industry. We also offer our services in the following areas:


  • Commercial Air Condition Installation
  • Oil & Gas Refineries Maintenance and Turnaround
  • Highway and Bridge Projects
  • Government, City, and Municipal Projects
  • Industrial Restoration Projects
  • Commercial Building and Construction
  • Residential
  • Wind Farms
  • Oil field activities including well completion and production
  • Structural Erection
  • Trucking Services from flatbeds to heavy haul

Cranes in Service

Texas Southern Crane Service is dedicated to exceeding our customer’s needs and expectations. We maintain a modern up to date fleet using several of the advanced models below. Our operators and riggers are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable on how to approach any unique project.

Grove GMK 5165B

165 ton with 166’ main boob with a 105’ off settable jib

Grove GMK 5200

240 ton with 210’ main boom with 112’ off settable jib

Terex Roadmaster 9000

90 ton 164’ of main boom with a 62.3’ off settable jib